Indonesia is the world’s largest rattan producer. 80% rattan traded in the world originated from Indonesia.

Since thousands of years ago, rattan has been used to make furniture, baskets,or any other home appliances. Not to mention about Rattan Matting, weaving, wicker.

Rattan is mostly traded in the form of furniture. However, Rattan Weaving also becomes popularly important for combining both of furniture and interior design. Due to this adorable characteristic, nowadays, woven rattan-based product is rapidlyneededin our lives.

Produce rattan weaving /matting is related for special natural craftsmanship. Some rattan weave made by machine, but most of them completely made by bare hand. That’s why weaving simply special, irreplaceable and in a class of their own.

Based on inherit of natural craftsmanship, We commit to fill this unique chance, I order to supply any kind of Rattan Weaving meeting the needs of any required utility in life. 

Along the way, rattan material also could be replaced by other natural material such as leather, abaca, pandanus, bamboo or even the synthetic rattan plastic.

As long as it’s weaving, we are pleased to weave it for you.