Traditionally Crafted Weaving

Making rattan furniture, wicker furniture, rattan weaving, rattan matting and other crafts from rattan can be traced back as early as the dawn of civilization in Asia. Brought about by necessity, unique, special and expert craftsmanship, early settlers from this continent have genuinely discovered the full potential of these traditionally crafted products.

Today, rattan products and other uniquely made items become the favorite home accent, furniture, interior and display wise. With the uprising trend towards opting for plastics, metals, glass, and fabric furniture, it is nice to note that a lot of homeowners, projects and businesses as well appreciate and would still go for the natural rattan material.

Nowadays, business establishments like projects for hotels, restaurants and any others projects of design interior choose their products to be made out of this material. Even the most modern buildings interiors wouldn’t be complete without a single wicker furniture or rattan ornament visible.

It is a booming industry since a lot of modernized culture and people tend to go back to the nature, to appreciate more what nature can give.

It is also an art as evidenced by the skillful and crafty talents applied during processing and making, and definitely on the appearance and designs of the end products and pieces.

Aside from providing the appropriate selection of crafted weaving items and furniture, is dedicated also to bring to the public knowledge and benefits that can be derived out of this traditional crafting and material.

With every item we provide, clients would be assured of the quality and the best craftsmanship they deserve. We adhere to the purpose of providing you with the best rattan weaving and furniture experience for you to achieve a much happier and more traditionally crafted lifestyle!